Community Grants

Community Grants


Starbucks community service grants gives financial aid to NGOs in support to both long term and short community programmes that circulates in the areas of education, health, and environment.


HOPE free mobile clinic blue van and volunteers
Starbucks Malaysia has honoured 2 NGOs: Namely, Hope Worldwide and REACH Cameron Highland in managing 3 major community projects.

Free Paediatric Clinic


In collaboration with Hope Worldwide, a Free Paediatric Clinic was built in May 2005.


Free Pediatric Clinic in Malaysia


Located within the community center – fully equipped with adequate supply – the Clinic provides medical aid in a low cost residential area in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia. Doctor volunteers serve regularly, including 8 Pediatricians in the clinic that operates every Tuesday and Friday from 7pm to 9pm. To date, over 1500 children have received medical attention at this clinic.

Starbucks partners have ongoing visits to the site to lend a helping hand. They assist with patient registration as well as arranging stock of medicines with proper guidelines by professionals.

Free Mobile Clinic


A collaboration with Hope Worldwide resulted with a Free Mobile Clinic.


Free Mobile Clinic doctor examining patient


Since February 2010 the Mobile Clinic travels to give medical support on the go. The mobile clinic moves within the areas of Seberang Perai as well as several indigenous villages. Over 3000 patients including children have been receiving free medical consultation and prescribed medication from the mobile clinic as it travels.

Starbucks partners have been volunteering to tag along to lend a helping hand in the communities. On top of assisting with patient registration and arranging stock of medicines, they also help clean and refurbish the vicinity of the visiting village – the villagers were grateful with partners helping out at the community while they were tended to medical care.