Rise and Shine

Blueberry Greek Yogurt with Granolas

Mini Cocktail Sausages with Nacho Cheese Sauce

Herbs Chicken & Tomato

Sausage & Egg Croissant

Coffee Crunch

Starbucks Toaster Cakes

Starbucks Pancake Bites

Apple & Egg White Sandwich

Signature Banana Chocolate Muffin

Mississippi Mud Muffin

Blueberry-Cranberry Granola Muffin

Apple Cinnamon Pocket

Multigrain Zest Toast

Tandum – Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Passion Fruits

Coffee Break

Chocolate Roll

Fruity Cinnamon Roll

Lemon Slice & Nutella Marble Slice

Coconut Mango Passion Fruit Cake

Strawberry Yogurt Coconut Mousse

Chocolate Tuxedo

Strawberry White Chocolate Roll & Orange Cranberry Roll

Chocolate Ganache or Absolute VIA® Swiss Roll

Affogato – Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Pistachio

Chocolate Banana Decadence

Baked Chocolate CheeseCake

Raspberry Cheesecake

Freshly Brewed Coffee

Trio Forest

Power Lunch

Potato Gratin Pie

Smoked Chicken & Cheese Pie

Chicken & Salad

Hot Spicy Chicken with Wild Rice

Forest Mushroom Soup & Pumpkin Soup

Savory Cheese Paprika

Fish Croissant

Lemongrass Chicken & Spicy Potato Danish

Chicken Roll & Cheese

Cheesy Chicken Pie Vegetable Pumpkin Pie

Chic O Cheese

Chili Tuna Danish

Spicy Chicken Pocket

Vegetarian Pocket Pie, Beef Goulash Pocket Pie, Lamb Stew Pocket Pie, Chicken & Mushroom Pocket Pie